Hardwood Mulch at Recycled Materials Facility

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch at Recycled Materials Facility Hardwood mulch consists of shredded and composted bark from hardwood trees. Sawmills remove this bark before cutting the timber into lumber. The bark is obtained from the mill, composted for at least 6 months, then shredded and screened. The longer the bark is aged, the darker it gets. Most bark mulch producers only shred and screen the bark once. The screen size determines how fine or coarse it will be. “Double” and “triple ground” are terms used by consumers and do not represent how mulch is really made. Some producers add shredded pallets, yard waste and sewage to hardwood bark mulches to increase profits. EAI produces and sells100% pure hardwood bark mulches to ensure the health of your landscape.

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. Aged hardwood mulch consists of clean loads of “green” waste, which is shredded and screened to remove soil and organic fines. Once screened and shredded the mulch is ground once more before it is windrowed and left to age. This mulch is rich in nutrients and has a dark brown to black color that will give your landscaping a nice clean rich look.