Organic Composts at Recycled Materials Facility

Organic Compost

Organic Composts at Recycled Materials FacilityCompost is a combination of organic matter and/or manure, which has decomposed until it resembles a rich soil. Leaves and other organic materials are windrowed and aged, producing an organic soil conditioner, or “soil amendment”. Once this product has been properly aged it is screened to achieve a fine, uniform product. Compost is not gross, rotten, smelly or dirty. Compost is a beautiful, nutritious food for your plants and the key to a healthy organic garden.

In addition to being a great provider of nutrients, a well-done compost is able to hold water in the soil, thereby ensuring that plants are adequately watered. It is also one of the best soil amendments to assist in efficient drainage, which helps prevent rot and nutrient depletion typical of poorer soils. Furthermore, many of the components of compost actually bind to toxic chemicals, so that they do not enter into the plant through its roots.